What is ResKnife?

ResKnife is a resource editor for the Macintosh. It sup­ports resource files in any named fork (data, resource or one of your choosing), runs natively on Mac OS X, as well as classic Mac OS, and allows editing the data fork using any of its editors.

Furthermore, you can export resource data, and it sup­ports third‐party plug‐in editors.

Source code for ResKnife is freely available.

Join the project!

ResKnife is an open‐source project. That means, the source code needed to compile ResKnife is freely available for download for anyone who would like to help with the development of the program.

If you're a Carbon or Cocoa programmer and you'd like to help by adding a feature to ResKnife, or by writing a new plug‐in editor, feel free to get in touch and let the team know.

Get the latest source code

  1. Ensure you've installed the latest Developer Tools (check the App Store for updates)
  2. Open a new terminal window
  3. Navigate to the directory where you want to store the project files (e.g. ~/Projects/)
  4. Copy and paste this line, then hit return:
    git clone

You should now have a folder called “ResKnife”, within which are CodeWarrior and Xcode project files, and a load of code files.

That should be enough to get you going. If you have any new code to pass on, email the developers and throw it over. You'll get credited in the about box too!

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